1. How do I know when it's better to print my project to an offset press or a digital copier/printer?

With so many methods for reproducing materials and a wide range of specifications, it can sometimes be difficult to decide whether to offset print, digital laser print, or copy a project. In addition to economy and quality, there are many variables to consider. Nevada State Printing has four high-speed copiers and four offset presses, and each method of reproduction has its advantages. The following general guidelines may be helpful for determining which method is more appropriate for your project. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule.

When to Copy or Digital Laser Print...

  • When black image on white or colored paper, up to 1,000 copies.
  • When full-color image on white paper, up to 500 copies.
  • When double-siding copies.
  • When finishing (binding) is practical and efficient (tapebind or staple).
  • When short turnaround time is essential.
  • When collating multiple sets of more than one page.
  • When highest quality photos and screened images are not paramount.
  • When the project is created digitally.
When to Print Offset...
  • When black image on white or colored paper are over 1,000.
  • When full-color image on any paper is over 500 copies.
  • When one color required is other than black and/or multi-color jobs.
  • When highest quality reproduction of photos and screens is desired.
  • When specialty papers, such as those with a heavy texture or weight are required.
  • When heat-set or laser-safe inks are required; for example, any job that will be run through a copier or laser printer after it is printed.